Sweet Tweets


Sometimes when scrolling through my twitter feed, I find  little Gems of knowledge. I thought I would share some of these with you. Enjoy!


Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them. But when you go after the money, the women will walk right through the door.


Kid Cudi says some meaning  things. This one is too deep to get into. Haha


Damn. Never listened to Jadakiss, but that was some real stuff.


This reflects back to the Jadakiss quote. Theres a reason people do things a certain way or believe what they believe. It’s difficult, but try to see why someone wiuld feel the way they feel. We ALL have problems.


The second part of this tweet is what caught me. Some people have the potential to be great or are just naturally talented people. But throw it away because the are lazy or have no real motivation.



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Citizen Profile: Shawnic Durazo

Thank you Jesse for featuring me in your blog! I appreciate it!


For the second installment of Citizen Profile, we go a few years back, when in college, I met a group of graphic designers ready to learn and take over the design world. One designer stepped up above the rest, always going above and beyond, Instantly becoming a citizen of MrSmithPlanet,  Shawnic Durazo from OnePartictularSoul!


Thank you for taking time to talk designing with me, it’s much appreciated.

You’re welcome! Thank you for having me.

We all have a story, what exactly drove you to pursue Graphic Design?

It all started my junior year in high school, I was always that artsy person that enjoyed contemplating on movie posters, billboards, drawings, and even restaurant menus. So that year I was able to pick my electives I went ahead and choose a design class. Our whole project for that class was to build a website using Dreamweaver (a software…

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July 3rd, #Summatime

July 3rd, 2014- #Summatime



This right here is called a HABOOB. Scary looking? But funny name right? 

Haboob (Huh-Boob) A thick dust storm or sandstorm that blows in the deserts of North Africa and Arabia or on the plains of India. 
Although we are no where near the deserts of North Africa, nor Arabia, Phoenix carries out the most craziest dust storms in monsoon season. I love it. It’s something different from your average sunny day. 

**Thank you Eddie Bear, for letting me use your picture. Credit goes to you, because when I went out to take a picture, I was in the middle of it getting dust particles in my mouth.*

July 2nd, #Habit

July 2nd, 2014- #Habit

Habits are huge. Studies show it takes 21 days to form a good habit, and with my understanding a couple of hours to form a bad one. I think it’s quite healthy to write down on paper what you really want to accomplish in life. Here, I wrote down just a few from the top of my head the habits I want to acquire leaning towards short and long term goals:




If you arn’t familiar with what a Golden DOODLE is, yes I forgot the “L”, Here he is, an oversized, real life teddy bear with a huge personality:



1391923_752727498087457_2094017302_n1486902_801456736547866_439550441_n10474242_924828364210702_720820623758982605_n(Golden Retriever & Poodle mix)

July 1st, #SecretlyObsessed

July 1st, 2014- #SecretlyObsessedIMG_2707

I LOVE HORROR MOVIES. As you can see, the photos you see are more paranormal than slasher. Watching these movies gives me some type of psychological thrill! Weirdly, a lot of my family and friends can not stand horror movies, as they tend to have dysfunctional nightmares and an unsettling not-so piece of mind. I get it. But in reality, It’s all about the mind. A person can control what they think if they separate their thoughts from reality. I enjoy the adrenaline rush! Anyways, Here are some recent ones I have watched over the past year or so that I have really enjoyed watching!

This Post is from MaeBad’s July Instagram challenge. Day 1.

MaeBad’s Instagram Challenge

I recently discovered the wide community of planners! As a little girl I use to love collecting stationary, pens, and stickers. Not so much in the Barbie scene, but more into what I can create on paper. Crafty stuff has always interested me! So as a young adult scrolling through Facebook, I discovered a couple groups that involve a bunch of wonderful woman who enjoy decorating, sharing, and purchasing amazing things for their planners.
Small widgets that some include, are a “No Spend Month”, in which you limit yourself spending money for that month. A “Remember This”, that records either good, or bad things that happened that month, or simple social media objectives such as the infamous Instagram challenges that everyone is familiar doing.
This month of July, not only will not only post my Instagram photos on Instagram, but as well as on here too, (I feel as if I need to get a little more personal on my own page!) I will go a little into depth for every photo I post! I think it will be pretty fun, (IF I STICK WITH IT OF COURSE!).
If your wondering, who is this MaeBad you speak of? She is a fellow YouTube Guru, Entrepreneur, and beauty stylist that created a Instagram challenge in which you post a photo that day requests. So for example, July 1st was #SecretlyObsessed, a person would post a photo they are secretly obsessed with!
My Instagram:
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Instagram- @Maebad

Videography, Travel & California

If you know me pretty well,  you will know that one of my main goals in life is to travel around the world. A hobby of mine; is to capture the moments I have when I am out of town with footage of where I have been and the cool activities I have done. For the next couple trips, I will continue to record and learn the wonderful Final Cut Pro as these videos progress!
Recently, my family and I took a trip to LA, where we went to visit Universal Studios, Venice Beach, and Hollywood Walk of Fame. Here is a short video of our trip!